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Recession Proof Real Estate … Probably not but this will help … Where can Vacationing Car Collectors and Racing Enthusisasts find a Place to Stay?

July 6, 2009 Cheyenne, WY

Vacationing car collectors and race fans have unique needs when it comes to finding a place to stay. Sure there are hotels, but most enthusiasts would prefer a vacation rental property that provides a more comfortable setting and one that lets them enjoy the car show or race that they are attending. Targeting your vacation rentals to car collectors and race fans is a smart way to keep a vacation property rented, but the owners and managers of these rentals need to associate themselves with these highly mobile and very desirable demographic.

That’s where comes into the picture. With its focus on all types of real estate and business opportunities that appeal to car collectors, automotive business people, race fans and smart real estate agents and property managers, has just launched a brand new advertising category called Car Enthusiasts and Motorsports Vacation Rentals. Any type of property that would appeal to these enthusiasts and fans can advertise in this category and they can provide plenty of information, lots of pictures / digital movies and electronic documents in each AD, plus they can link their ADs to other sites that they might be using for things like online scheduling and reservations.

According to Robert “BC” Cross, founder of, “We provide the best and only comprehensive business (online or online) that caters to the real estate needs of the approx. 100,000,000 plus car and racing enthusiasts in the United States, plus the hundreds of millions of other enthusiasts worldwide who need real estate and business that cater to their requirements.” Cross goes on to say, “We are proud to provide this great interactive new media platform that anyone can use to rent, sell and buy ! many different types of car properties. We accomplish this through an advertising business model that is not free to advertise in, but we plan to have a sustained business in this niche market, while providing a valuable media platform that will make our members, visitors and sponsors happy.”

So people who own real estate that they rent out to vacationers should realize the fact that in your area there are undoubtedly numerous car collector and auto and motorcycle racing events that happen throughout the year. These events create really great rental markets for your vacation property. The fans, participants and corporate sponsors of these events usually need a place to stay during their vacation to the events. If a property owner has a vacation property to rent and these automotive sports fans need a place to stay, all that the owner of the property has to do to get the word out that they want the auto enthusiasts business is to advertise their place on . Our site is helping owners, real estate agents and property managers with that task of getting the word out through our new category called Car Enthusiasts and Motorsports Vacation Rentals. This is for placing high quality ads that are designed for you to promote individual vacation properties that are available.

Background Information:

Our goals and our focus are based on the plain and simple fact that we have identified a huge untapped market that has been hidden for many years. By harnessing the power, reach and social networking ingredients of the internet with people’s desire to find relevant and fun information, is on a path to have a huge impact on Car Collecting, Online Social Networking and even the Real Estate industry. As far as we are concerned, our primary goal is to provide a dynamic resource, for pe! ople and professionals (agents), where advertisements can be placed and where Car Properties can be found if they are for sale or for rent.

Backed up with over 5 years of research into the idea of; What is a Car Property, Robert “BC” Cross (the founder of, has identified the most relevant places, property types and business types that can be considered a Car Property. This research and insight has led to what we believe is the largest possible market to meet the definition of a Car Property. Even the Federal government has agreed that the words, Car Property, are terminology that deserves Trademark protection.

Every car guy and car gal dreams of owning their own Car Property heaven, or Garage Mahal, whatever you want to call it, but finding them has been tough until now!. helps aficionados get the super special garage space they want. How else can they keep their incredible cars in tip top shape? How else can they have a workshop that is the envy of all of their gear head buddies? How else will they be able to throw a monster party where no one has to ever step foot into their house because their garage has a full kitchen, two full bathrooms, a rotating platform to highlight their best car and room for at least 10 other cars and their guests?

Car collectors have needed us for a long time and now we are here. For many of our visitors, members and fans; a Car Property Masterpiece Garage is all that matters. is where the garage matters.


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